Renewable Energy Report: June 2010 Newsletter

The Renewable Energy Newsletter provides information and analysis from agricultural economists and others on current issues facing the emerging renewable energy industry. More information on renewable energy can be found at our website. Please send comments on issues or topics by contacting me at or 641-423-0844. You can sign-up...

The ethanol blenders' tax credit is up for renewal soon. This article outlines who actually receives the tax credit under current conditions and the impact on the ethanol industry if it is not renewed.

This article focuses on recent research on the land use impact of corn ethanol production.

This article examines the projected supply and use of distillers grains in the United States during the next decade, as well as the potential effect of the availability of distillers grains on U.S. corn use.

This article focuses on organizational issues of the business and its impact on the business's success or failure.