Renewable Energy Report: May 2010 Newsletter

The Renewable Energy Newsletter provides information and analysis from agricultural economists and others on current issues facing the emerging renewable energy industry. More information on renewable energy can be found at our website. Please send comments on issues or topics by contacting me at or 641-423-0844. You can sign-up...

The ethanol industry expansion is threatened by the 10 percent maximum limit that can be blended with gasoline.  The implications are discussed in this article.

This article examines the substitution of DDGS for corn and soybean meal in the rations of various livestock species.

The video examines biofuel production from the perspective of minimizing nitrogen runoff, soil erosion and soil organic matter loss. This is a presentation from the Bioeconomy conference held at Iowa State University on December 1, 2009.

This article focuses on the use of business strategy and its impact on the success or failure of a business.