Renewable Energy Report: November 2016 Report

The Renewable Fuels Monthly Report is produced as a partnership between the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center operated by the Value Added Agriculture Program at Iowa State Extension and Outreach (ISUEO), the Iowa Grain Quality Initiative (IGQI), an ISUEO program directed specifically at grain processing and handling, and is authored by Decision Innovation Solutions, LLC, an economic research and analysis firm located in Urbandale, Iowa.

Iowa grain quality initiativeThe Weekly Petroleum Status Report released October 19, 2016 by the U.S. Energy Information Administration indicates weekly U.S. refiner and blender net input of fuel ethanol was 915,000 barrels per day for the week ending October 14, 2016. The same report also shows the weekly U.S. product supplied of finished motor gasoline Decision Innovation solutionswas 8,798,000 barrels per day for the...

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Iowa grain quality initiativeOn October 3, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released its proposed Renewables Enhancement and Growth Support (REGS) rule, which would make several changes to the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) program regulations. According to the EPA, the proposed regulations are intended to reflect changes in the...decision innovation solutions

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Iowa grain quality initiativeThe Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finally has released the data on obligated parties’ reported use of fuel and use of RINs to comply with the annual mandate from 2010 to 2013. A detailed description on the EPA data release can be found...decision innovation solutions

The spreadsheets listed below provide data and trends for various components of the renewable energy industry. These files are updated with new information each month.