Renewable Energy Report: September 2010 Newsletter

The Renewable Energy Newsletter providesinformation and analysis from agricultural economists and others oncurrent issues facing the emerging renewable energy industry.

This article examines recent research on the impact of yield increasing technology on carbon emissions.

This article explores the price relationship between E-85 ethanol and gasoline in parts of the country that are distant from the ethanol producing areas.

This article outlines the impact that a cap and trade legislation similar to the Waxman-Markey bill would have on agricultural cooperatives.

This article examines the importance of local and state public sector support for the successful creation and operation of value-added business ventures.

The food versus fuel debate has raged over recent years due to the concerns that increasing agriculturally produced renewable fuels will decrease the sectors ability to produce food.

There are a number of climate change studies which makes it difficult to sort through the information.