Specialist Published June 2002 Updated March 2011 © NCAT IP155 Contents Agroforestry: An Overview Integrating trees ... “agroforestry” systems include alleycropping, silvopas- ture, windbreaks, forest farming for nontimber forest products, and ... riparian buffer strips. While they clearly offer economic and ecological advantages, these agroforestry systems also

Unit: Forestry Lesson: Introduction to Agroforestry Purpose: Imagine for a moment you are taking a drive through the ... commodities and products tab on the AgMRC website ( and find the link to agroforestry. Utilize ... shrubs can be combined with livestock or crop systems to be useful. 2. Use the AgMRC website to research Agroforestry

Unit: Forestry Lesson: Agroforestry- Create your own Purpose: Agroforestry is a set of several methods and unlimited ... of careful planning and consideration to design an agroforestry plan that fits your specific land. How would you go about ... incorporating agroforestry into a farm operation? Directions: It is your turn to create your own agroforestry model

potential markets for SFPs; • Comparisons of the acceptance of agroforestry practices in the two regions which have ... grapevines. In addition, the social marketing aspect of agroforestry needs to be emphasized; that is, the ability of the ... pawpaw growers, agroforestry systems would be more readily adopted than in north central Iowa, which is not as heavily

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also has a variety of specialty uses such as a wood finish, paint base for paintings and treatment of fine skins in leather industry. (University of Missouri Center for Agroforestry 2004) Sources Nuts and Dried Fruit Global Statistical Review, 2016/17. International Nut and Dried Fruit (INC) Pine Nuts, Non-Wood Forest Products form Conifers, FAO, UN, 1998. Pine Nuts: Species, Products, Markets and Potential for U.S. Production, University of Missouri Center for Agroforestry, 2004 - This report describes the global pine nut industry and the potential for expanding the economic scope of the Southwest's pinyon nut industry. Links checked February 2018.

explain agroforestry in your own words. Reinforcement activity: Best in Sales For this activity you will be playing the

survival of the venture. Any operation that uses public lands must take into consideration sustainable practices and the opportunities and constraints those practices impose. If you have arrangements with private landowners, be sure to review Resources USDA National Agroforestry Center. A source of information on several types of cropping systems you can use in conjunction with your trees. An introductory primer on nontraditional forestry. ThoughtCo. Lifelong Learning: Nontraditional Forestry ... , 210 Cheatham Hall (0323), Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA 24061 Training Manual for Applied Agroforestry Practices and Handbook for Agroforestry Planning and Design. The Center for Agroforestry; University of Missouri. Includes schedules and links to meetings and training events. U-picks Aren't Just for Farms - A brief introduction to developing nontimber forest-based tourism operations on private forestlands. Wild Floral Greens - This factsheet provides a brief overview of the floral products that

and resources related to nut tree production. Select the “experts” link to find people who specialize in chestnuts. Why Chestnuts? Center for Agroforestry, University of Missouri - Provides the nutritional value of chestnuts. Assessing the Market Potential of Specialty Forest Products in Local Food Systems, Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture, Iowa State University, 2005 - This project evaluated the interest in and obstacles to the production and marketing of non-timber specialty forest products. Chestnut Culture in California, University of California, 2000 - This online document covers production, consumption including world demand and marketing. Global Chestnut Market 2018-2025 – Industry Report, Market Analysis, Forecast, and Insights

updated this quarter (48): Agroforestry, Apricots, Aquaponics, Aronia, Artichokes, Asparagus, Azuki Beans, Blackberries

‐traditional Forest Products‐ products/agroforestry/non‐traditional‐forest‐ products

amount it declines or “depreciates” due to wear and obsolescence If one is discussing, for example, an agroforestry

guidelines. Businesses/Case Studies Agroforestry Overview, Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas (ATTRA), NCAT, 2002 - Covers how operations can benefit from adding forestry operations to their existing production cycles. Mountain Star Farms, Woodsville, New Hampshire - This farm boasts an online shop for ordering ease. Tammen Treeberry Farm, Ag Marketing Resource Center, 2002 - This case study was written about a 50-acre Illinois farm that offers choose-and-cut Christmas trees and

viewed by some authorities to be a potentially catastrophic contributor to global warming. Concerns over sequestered and liberated carbon are increasingly carried over to the arenas of wood use and tree growth, whether biomass utilization for power generation, wood-waste disposal, forest or plantation stand management or the pro and cons of carbon tax credits. Agroforestry Nursery Trees Christmas Trees Non-traditional Forest Products Exports The United States exported $7.8 billion of forest products in ... own requirements, courses and faculty. This program offers undergraduate degrees in Plant and Wildlife Resources Management, Land and Water Resources Management and Environmental Education and Park Management. University of Minnesota, Department of Forest Resources - This website provides information about the teaching, research and outreach programs, the facilities and the people who work and study in UM Forestry. Research is directed toward silviculture, watershed management, urban forestry, agroforestry