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In the United States, Christmas trees are an important part of Christian Christmas celebrations and of the national winter holiday.

Christmas trees have been commercially sold in the United States since about 1850, when most were cut from forests. Midway through the last century, tree farms began to appear, and now most Christmas trees are grown on farms.  November 2013 ...  Christmas Trees

National, Regional and State Christmas Tree Associations

National Christmas Tree Association
New Hampshire and Vermont

Pacific Northwest (Oregon and Washington)
Southern (Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi)
New Hampshire Christmas Tree Promotion Board
New Jersey
New York
North Carolina


  • Census of Horticultural Specialties (2009), National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), USDA, 2010 - The census provides the only comprehensive, detailed data on U.S. floriculture, nursery and specialty crop production at the national and state levels. It provides such information as the number and types of establishments, value of sales, varieties of products and cut Christmas trees sold.
  • Christmas Tree Marketing, Alternative Agricultural Enterprises, University of Minnesota, in cooperation with the University of Idaho Cooperative Extension Service, 1992.
  • Christmas Trees magazine, Kansas - This print publication has provided relevant information to the live Christmas tree industry for over 35 years. The site contains facts about the real tree industry and information for children including the Christmas Tree Education Kit that explains life on a real Christmas Tree Farm. Other resources include stand management information for wholesale and retail Christmas tree growers.
  • Global Agricultural Trade System (GATS), FAS, USDA.
  • National Christmas Tree Association - This association represents the growers of trees and greens and of related product producers who support the holiday season.
  • Selection and Care of Christmas Trees, Virginia Tech University Cooperative Extension, 1996 - The Christmas tree industry participates in agricultural marketing programs.
  • Selling Christmas Trees to Mexico, GAIN Report, Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS), USDA, 2004 - The Mexican market for U.S. Christmas trees was over $9 million in 2003. The market for imported Christmas trees is growing, and the United States enjoys a 95 percent import market share.
  • United States Standards for Grades of Christmas Trees, Ag Marketing Service, USDA, 1989.
  • Yankee Woodlot: Christmas Tree Marketing, University of Maine Cooperative Extension, 1998 - Maximize return from Christmas tree culture by developing a marketing plan to help achieve business goals.


Businesses/Case Studies

  • Agroforestry Overview, Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas (ATTRA), NCAT, 2002 - Covers how operations can benefit from adding forestry operations to their existing production cycles.
  • Mountain Star Farms, Woodsville, New Hampshire - This farm boasts an online shop for ordering ease.
  • Tammen Treeberry Farm, Ag Marketing Resource Center, 2002 - This case study was written about a 50-acre Illinois farm that offers choose-and-cut Christmas trees and pick-your-own blueberries.

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