Potatoes (Solanum tuberosum) are the fourth most important food crop in the world and the leading vegetable crop in the United States. Together, Idaho and Washington produce more than half of the annual supply, which totaled 463 million cwt in 2012, up 8 percent from the previous year, and was valued at $3.73 billion. The average price for all potatoes decreased in 2012, while yield per acre increased. (NASS 2013).

Nearly 60 percent of potato sales are to processors for French fries, chips, dehydrated potatoes and other potato products. The remainder goes to the fresh market, is fed to farm animals or re-used as seed tubers for growing the next season’s crop. (NASS 2013) April 2014... Potatoes



Businesses/Case Studies

  • Okray Farms, Plover, Wisconsin - These farms have been raising potatoes for 100 years. This article profiles how their business has changed to meet consumer's changing needs and desires.
  • Potatoes, The New American Farmer, Sustainable Agriculture and Research Education, NIFA, USDA - Describes two potato-growing operations in the United States.
  • Royal Treatment, Rural Cooperatives magazine, USDA Rural Development, 2009 - Rhode Island farmers join forces to market RI Royal brand potatoes.
  • Agri-Pulse, USDA Changes to WIC Program Leave Potatoes out of the Pot, 2014.

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