The United States is one of the few nations in the world that can grow chestnuts, yet doesn't have a significant chestnut industry. U.S. chestnut production is less than 1 percent of total world production. The United States has 919 farms producing chestnuts on more than 3,700 acres.

The states with the most chestnut acreage were Michigan, Florida, California, Oregon, Virginia, and Iowa.  (NASS 2015)

The United States imported 3,781 metric tons of chestnuts valued at $12.4 million in 2011. Chestnut imports to the United States are led by Italy, China, and South Korea. The USDA does not report statistics on U.S. chestnut production and consumption separately.

The value of the nut is related to its size. Generally, the value of chestnuts ranges from $0.75 to $2.50 per pound wholesale and from $2.00 to $5.00 per pound retail, depending on the market. Chestnuts are primarily sold fresh in the shell.

Value Added Options

Added markets may be, but not limited to, farmers markets, specialty grocery stores, wholesale purveyors, pre-packaged food processors, vegetarian food processors, ethnic markets, restaurant food purveyors, mail order businesses and seasonal food processors. 

Agritourism and u-pick farms have a growing consumer base, allowing an interactive experience with the consumer.


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Businesses/Case Studies

  • Chestnut Charlie's, Lawrence, Kan. - This farm offers certified organic chestnuts, along with pecans and Christmas trees.
  • Chestnut Growers Inc. - This for-profit grower cooperative for chestnut processing and marketing includes growers in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and Washington State. In addition to whole nuts, the cooperative sells peeled frozen chestnuts, chestnut slices and flour.
  • Chestnut Hill Tree Farm, Alachua, Fla. - This farm is owned by the grandson of Dr. R.T. Dunstan, a plant breeder who developed the Dunstan Hybrid Chestnut. The Dunstan Chestnut is the most widely planted line of chestnut varieties in the United States.
  • - The Allen Creek Farm in Ridgefield, Wash., ships chestnuts from the orchards to anywhere in the United States and Canada. The site also offers a growers’ forum.
  • Correia Chestnut Farm, located in the Sacramento River Delta in California, raises and sells Colossal and Italian Marroni varieties of chestnuts. This small family farm has been raising chestnuts since 1998, using sustainable farming practices.
  • DelMarvelous Farms - This chestnut farm, based in the Delaware peninsula, has more than 1,600 chestnut trees. It grows and ships chestnuts to customers across the United States. The website also offers recipes and tips on how to prepare and store fresh chestnuts.
  • Empire Chestnut Company, Carrollton, Ohio - This company operates one of the few chestnut orchards in the United States considered to be commercial in size. The orchard produces nursery stock and between 10,000 and 30,000 pounds of nuts annually.
  • Nolin River Nut Tree Nursery, Upton, Ky. - This family-owned and -operated nursery markets grafted nut trees. In addition to chestnuts, the nursery also offers walnuts, butternuts, pecans and hickories.
  • Southeast Iowa Nut Growers Co-op, Ag Marketing Resource Center - This business profile tells about a group of about 40 chestnut growers who pool their crop and sell it through a marketing coordinator.

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